Frankie95 Video Roundup: Monday

This post is a part of a day by day recap of the Frankie Manning 95th Birthday Festival. You can learn more about Frankie Manning at the event’s website or go to his personal website You can order DVD’s of this event at

We provided a list of notable sites in Harlem for people to visit while they were in town, and someone actually put together a nice video montage of them.

Meanwhile, we previewed the documentary that Tim Collins and Malou Meyenhofer made to go with their entry for the Global Shim sham Project.

Afterwards, Dawn Hampton gave one of her Bhangra talks.  Be sure to turn up the volume on these.

After her talk came came a screening of selected clips of an upcoming documentary by Moncel “ill Kozby” Durden entitled “Everything Remains Raw:  Hip Hop’s Folkloric Lineage.”  The film traces the roots of urban vernacular dance including links to Lindy Hop.

Here’s a short clip from the discussion that followed the screening.

Across town workshops were still being held at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts and The Ailey School.

Here is some one recapping Sakarias Larrson’s 12:30 pm class, “Solo Charleston” at The Ailey School

The evening dance featured the Houston Person Quartet and “The Battle of the ‘Bones” with the Wycliff Gordon Quartet.  The “battle” included legendary trombonists Benny Powell and Art Baron

Click here to see a  clip of all three men in action playing “Just Sqeeze Me (But Don’t Tease Me.)

The night included guest singers Lavay Smith, Kim Nalley, and Yvette Glover.

After each band had a set, we brought on our last group of performances.

The Harlem Hot Shots recreating a routine originally performed in a 1929 Duke Ellington short film, “Black and Tan.”

The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, a group co-founded by Frankie Manning

The Harlem Hot Shots return

Karen Turman and Andrew Thigpen

Finally, Norma Miller and friends

A better angle can be found on Facebook if you can access it.

The performances were followed by a jam for all the volunteers

At midnight we counted down to Frankie’s birthday which is on May 26th, and had a birthday jam with his son, Chazz Young.  That’s Steven Mitchell you hear singing “Happy Birthday” with both band leaders playing.

This was followed by a jam

The very last activity of the night before everyone went home was a reprise of Frankie Manning video where he sings “You make Me Feel So Young”

Frankie95 Videos Monday

Harlem Walk

Dawn Hampton-Bangra

Moncel Durden

Sakarias Larrson

Alvin Ailey

Harlem Hot Shots

“One Man Dance” floor, left

Big Apple Lindy Hoppers floor, left,

Harlem Hot Shots

“Koko” balcony, center left, just after beginning

Karen & Andrew floor, left side

Norma Miller floor, left

Volunteer jam

Birthday jam

Battle of the Bones

Final Jam w/ Wycliff Gordon full

You make Me Feel So Young

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