Frankie 95 Video Roundup: Friday night

This post is a part of a day by day recap of the Frankie Manning 95th Birthday Festival. You can learn more about Frankie Manning at the event’s website or go to his personal website You can order DVD’s of this event at

The first part of the evening dance consisted mostly of sets traded by The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn and Ron Sunshine & Full Swing.

After each band played one set we had our evening performances.

The Harlem Hot Shots

The Jiving Lindy Hoppers (short clip only)

The Killer Dillers doing a recreation of The Berry Brothers’ routine from the movie Fascinating Rhythm.

Finally, Minnie’s Moochers once again performing the routine they made famous almost 10 years ago.

Both bands came back to do one more set each.

Here’s a peak at Ron sunshine’s band doing “Natural Man”

After Ron Sunshine finished his set, and before The Cangelosi Cards and The Paul Tillotson Love Trio came to trade sets of their own, we had the Semi-Final round of the Hellzapoppin’ competition.

The music for this round was DJ’d by Rayned Wiles.

The judges for this round were some of the dancers who played keys roles in the revival of Lindy Hop in the 1980’s.

Hellzapoppin’ Semi-Finals Heat 1 Spotlights.  Contestants in order of appearance were:

  1. Gina Helfrich & Carl Nelson
  2. Jo Hoffberg & Kevin St. Laurent
  3. Gontran Galinier & Fleur Saillofest
  4. Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis
  5. Karen Turman & Andrew Thigpen
  6. Laura Glaess & Mike Roberts
  7. Laura Keat & Jeremy Otth

Music in order:  “Lindy Hoppers’ Delight” by Chick Webb; “Sugar Foot Stomp” by Benny Goodman; “Hollywood Jump” by Lester Young, “Lumby” by Charlie Barnet.

The spotlights were followed by an All skate to “King Porter Stomp” by Glenn Miller

The Hellzapoppin’ Semi-Finals Heat 2 spotlights.  The contestants in order of appearance were:

  1. Pol Prats & Daniela de Zabaleta
  2. Daniel Newsom & Gabriella Cook
  3. Max Pitruzella & Annie Treaudeu
  4. Mark Kihara & Darla Weideman
  5. Carla Heiney & Nick Williams
  6. Max Prado & Luciana Salinas

Music in order:  “Go Harlem” by Chick Webb; “King Porter Stomp” by Dizzy Gillespie and Teddy Hill;  “It’s Time to Jump and Shout” by Jimmy Lunceford.

The Heat 2 All Skate was done to “Sugar Foot Stomp” by Bob Crosby and His Orchestra.

A  Semi Final All Skate with all the couples was done to live music by the Cangelosi Cards performing “Puttin’ On The Ritz”

Here’s a clip of the band playing with a tap dancer later on that night

There was a late night performance by The Northern Lights

Paul Tillotson played two sets and the Cards did another.  Here’s the Cards doing “Moonglow”

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