Frankie95 Video Round Up: Thursday

This post is a part of a day by day recap of the Frankie Manning 95th Birthday Festival. You can learn more about Frankie Manning at the event’s website or go to his personal website You can order DVD’s of this event at

We started off with an advanced screening of the PBS documentary about Frankie Manning called, “Frankie Manning:  Never Stop Swinging.” And by advanced, I mean by a few hours because it was premiering later that night on channel 13 up in New York.

Here is Elliot Donnelley, one of the Frankie 95 executive committee organizers opening up the Thursday night dance and introducing the New Orleans Jazz Vipers who began with “Exactly Like You.”

The Harlem Hot Shots started the evening performances during the first break.

Norma Miller introduces the Cleveland Jitterbug Kids, but they need more room before they start.  Notice how Norma drops the word “Jitterbug” from their name.  She’s not a fan of the word.

Vincenzo & Isabella were orignally scheduled to perform with Henric Stillman and Joanna Eriksson as the team Tutti Frutti.  However, they couldn’t make it, so Vincenzo and Isabella performed this couple routine on their own

Lot’s of confusion up until the dance started as to whether this next performance would happen or not.  Catrine Ljunggren was originally slated to perform with Lennart Westerlund as indicated in the introduction.  However, he injured himself that day.  Chazz Young then agreed to do it, but he had to back out.  Finally Chester Whitmore stepped up in his own special way.

The last performance of the night was the One2Swing Jitterbugs from California.  Notice what word Norma omits again from her introduction.

The Vipers show that they pay attention and break out a version of the song used in the previous Harlem Hot Shot performance.

Later, a jam breaks out during the New Orleans Jazz Vipers set.

After the Vipers finsih their set, we started the Hellzapoppin’ contest with the Wild Card Preliminary Round.  The music for this contest was selected by our Head DJ, Jesse Miner.

The contest was judged by

Heat 1, Song 1:  “Long Mama” by Glenn Miller

Heat 1, Song 2:  “Do You Want To Jump Children” by Count Basie

Heat 1, Song 3:  “Jamaica Jam” by Teddy Powell

Heat 2, Song 1:  “In The Groove” by Andy Kirk

Heat 2, Song 2:  “The sergeant Was Shy” by Charlie Barnett

Heat 2, Song 3:  “Texas Shuffle” by Count Basie

All Skate:  “Swingtime In The Rockies” by Benny Goodman

Although there aren’t any videos of them, the evening was wrapped up by Gordon Webster and his band.

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