Frankie95 Video Roundup: Friday, Day

This post is a part of a day by day recap of the Frankie Manning 95th Birthday Festival. You can learn more about Frankie Manning at the event’s website or go to his personal website You can order DVD’s of this event at

The day started out with a memorial service for Frankie Manning at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.  Harlem resident and friend of Frankie, Lana Turner put together a huge array of friends, family and admirers to remember him.

Here is Manu Smith sharing some fond memories.

But this was no ordinary memorial service.  Frankie wanted us to celebrate, not mourn.  You can guess how dancers would celebrate one of the true greats.

Here’s Dawn Hampton with Manu showing everyone how it’s done

Click here for a different angle and an extended ending.  Check out the piano player at 0:14 when the he stops to turn around and take a picture.

The spirit moved the everyone to clap their hands and get up out of their seats.

They even the presiding reverends got up to get down.

The service ended with a second line led by David Ostwald and the Gully Low Jazz Band from the church to the dance being held at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park.

They ended with a rousing version of “When the Saints Go Marching In” and handed off to a George Gee and His Make Believe Ballroom Orchestra .

Gee’s band provided music for our attempt at the world’s largest Shim Sham.

David Ostwald and The Gully Low Jazz Band came back and played another set.

Here’s their version of Undecided.

Lot’s of great and unique musical moments occurred during the weekend.  Check out “The Father of vocalese,” Jon Hendricks, dropping in to jam with the band.

Then George Gee came back with a second set.

“Sent For You Yesterday”

“Thou Swell”

“Blues For Stephanie”

The day ended with the preliminary round of the World’s Largest Jack & Jill.  A total of 191 leads and 241 follows registered for this competition. Music was selected and DJ’d by Tomo Tanaka.

“Chant of The Groove” by Fats Waller

“Look-A-There” by Slim & Slam

“Struttin’ With Kate” by Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra

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