ILHC 2008 Video Compilation: Junior & Pro-Am Divisions

This is part of a series of posts gathering up all the choice online footage from the 2008 International Lindy Hop Championships.  This year’s ILHC is happening on August 27-30, 2009 and you can register at

Junior Division

Ian Herrick & Ellie Hanus, 1st Place

Derrick Summerville & Siobhan Tompkins, 2nd Place

Catalino Lopez & Sasha Gross, 3rd Place

Pro-Am Division

Lee Tucker & Kelly Arsenault, 1st Place

Andrew Thigpen & Jo Hoffberg, 2nd Place

Abigail Browning & Nick Williams, 3rd Place

No video available


Juniors Ian & ellie

Juniors Derrick & Sioban

Juniors Catalino Lopex & Sasha Cross


Kelly & Lee

Andrew & Emily

3 – Abigail Browning & Nick Williams


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    […] Junior & Pro-Am divisions […]

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