ILHC 2008 Video Compilation: Open Strictly Lindy Hop

This is part of a series of posts gathering up all the choice online footage from the 2008 International Lindy Hop Championships.  This year’s ILHC is happening on August 27-30, 2009 and you can register at

Open Strictly Lindy Hop Finals Preliminary round

Heat 1 Song 1:  “Solid Old Man” by Duke Ellington

Heat 1 Song 2:

Heat 2 Song 3: “Blue Lou” by Ella Fitzgerald

Heat 2 Song 1:  “Pussy Willow” by Duke Ellington

Heat 2 Song 2:  “A Smo-O-O-Oth One” by Cab Calloway

Heat 1 Song 3: “Them There Eyes” by Louis Armstrong

All Skate:  “Bugle Call Rag” by Django Reinhardt

Open Strictly Lindy Hop Finals

Live music provided by The Boilermaker Jazz Band.

Song:  “Them Their Eyes”

Dancers in order of appearance.

  1. Abigail Browning & Jonathan Jow
  2. Alain Fragman & Mélanie Huot-Lavoie
  3. Andrew Thigpen & Erica Deblasio
  4. Joanna Lucero Carl Nelson
  5. Crista Seipp & Jaimie Cameron
  6. Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis
  7. Laura Glaess & Mike Roberts


1st Place – Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis
2nd Place – Jamie Cameron & Crista Seipp
3rd Place – Carl Nelson & Joanna Lucero

High quality video of the top three.


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