Random Links & Videos: International Week in Review Edition

With the International Lindy Hop Championships coming up I noticed the amazing array of lindy videos from around the world uploaded onto YouTube just in the past week.

It makes the spread of Lindy Hop in the past two decades that much more impressive.

We start off with some video news pieces:  One about the dance’s popularity in Russia.  <BreitbartTV>

There’s also one from London which is amusing because it focuses on an instructor from Australia teaching an American dance in England.  <YouTube>

We now move onto a sampling of performances, competitions, and social dancing from around the world.

A performance in Stockholm, Sweden

Next, the winning showcase routine from this year’s Australian Jitterbug Championships.

A performance from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The medium tempo round of the Grenoble Lindy Tournament Jack & Jill in France.

A performance in Tel Aviv, Israel.

On the other side of the Middle Eat, a scene from the budding scene in the United Arab Emirates.

Ready to have your mind blown?  First check out this pleasant dance by the water.  Lindy Hoppers just chillin’ and social dancing by the Elbe in Hamburg, Germany

Interesting: instructor demo by French Lindy Hoppers Alice Mei and Tommy Blacharz.  Cool:  On the beach.  Awesome:  In Korea!  The Pusan Summer Swing Festival.

Beach dancing?  Everyone’s doing it.  Even at the first ever Arctic Lindy Exchange?  In FREAKIN’ ICELAND?!?

Now go start making your 2010 summer travel plans.

In the meantime, the International Lindy Hop Championships starts tonight!

1 Comment

  1. Alice said,

    August 27, 2009 at 2:37 am

    I’m a video clip junkie so and I’ve kind of hit a wall on the youtubes. These (amazing) new findings surely did bring the spice back into my online video stalking life.
    Thank you! Hope to meet you at ILHC!
    Check out my blog: http://therantingsofalindyhopper.blogspot.com/

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