ULHS 2009 Round Up

Still no official results posted on the ULHS website, but Breanna Perry was kind enough to post what she could remember in the comments of my previous post.

The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Choreography Showcase

Winners:  Groove Juice Special

Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown: A Lindy Hop Battle

Winners: Chance Bushman (New Orleans, LA) and Joanna Lucero (Austin, TX)

Jack n Jill: A Social Dance Contest

First Place: Vincenzo Fesi  (Italy) & Alice Mei (France)

Second Place: Sara Deckard (Denver, CO) & Dax Hock (Everywhere-ish)

Third Place:  Ria DiBiase & Tommy Blacharz Todd Yannacone & Annie Trudeau (correction via Ann Mony)

Solo Jazz

Winner: Ramona Staffeld (New York, NY)

Solo Blues

Winner: Dax Hock

Slow Swing and Blues

First Place: Peter Strom (Minneapolis, MN) and Ramona Staffeld (New York, NY)

Second Place: Todd Yannacone (New Orleans, LA) and Alice Mei (France)

Third Place: Chance Bushman (New Orleans, LA) and Giselle Anguizola (San Diego, CA)

Note: I haven’t heard anything about the Dancers Choice Awards, and the Endurance Contest was cancelled.

A few reactions from the Lindy sphere o’blogs.

From an attendees & competitors: 

<Webbed Fingers>

<Breanna Perry>

<The Rantings of a Lindy Hopper>

<The Hot Blog of Durham, Part 1>

<The Hot Blog of Durham, Part 2>


First hand reaction from the J & J winner: <Alice Mei>

And from the winner of the Showdown:  <Joanna Lucero>

Alice Mei also posted some photos on another blog:  <Swing Fashionista>

Observations on the videos from Australia:  <Dogpossum>

I guess I should point out that Amy Johnson emailed all the attendees that the event lost a chunk of money.  Anyone interested in helping her out, so she can do this again should contact her through the ULHS website.

Finally, my reactions:

ULHS 2009: First Impressions From Afar

ULHS 2009: More Impressions From Not That Much Closer

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  1. Alicia said,

    October 21, 2009 at 10:31 am

    I think those results are right, from what I can remember. Also, there was no Dancers Choice Awards this year.

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