ULHS 2009 Videos: Saturday Evening Competitions-Solo Jazz and J & J

All contests music by Uncle Jack’s New Orleans Dance Orchestra.

Solo Jazz

Preliminary Round


Dancers in order of appearance

  1. Hurley François
  2. Vincenzo Fesi
  3. Sarah Decker
  4. Jana Grulichova
  5. Bobby Bonsey
  6. Ramona Staffeld

Winner:  Ramona Staffeld

Jack n Jill: A Social Dance Contest


Heat 1

Heat 2

Alternate angles of both songs from heat 2 can be found here and here.


Dancers in order of appearance:

  1. Todd Yannacone & Annie Trudeau
  2. Vincenzo Fesi & Alice Mei
  3. Sarah Decker & Dax Hock
  4. Ramona Staffeld & Chance Bushman
  5. Ria DiBiase & Tommy Blacharz

Winners:   Vincenzo Fesi & Alice Mei

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