ALHC Results & Other Contest Notes

Many people will be suprised to discover that The American Lindy Hop Championships took place last weekend.  In case the suspense was killing you, results are online.

Strictly Lindy

1st  Bobby White & Kate Hedin (DC)

2nd  Michael Lenneville & Emily Vantson  (Brooklyn/NYC)

3rd  Adam LaMontagne & Nicole Zuckerman (Boston)

Advanced Jack & Jill

1st  Patrick Vans / Myriam Baril (Montreal)

2nd Robin Bondreault / Josianne  Lapierre (Montreal)

3rd  Ben Rich (Greenich, CT) / Nadine Gagnon (Montreal)

Pro with Amateur Follower

1st  Chantelle Pinnetta with Nathan Bugh (NYC)

2nd Dorrie Boice with Chester Freeman

Balboa Jack & Jill

1st   Francois Pare / Josianne Lapierre (Montreal)

2nd  Martin Roy (Montreal) / Carol Fraser 9NYC)

3rd  Christophe Lamachere / Veronique Jacques (Mont.)

Champions’ Jack & Jill

1st  Max Pitruzzella (Montreal) / Nathalie Gomes (New Orl)

2nd Zack Richard (Montreal) / Kate Hedin (DC)

3rd  David Graybill (CT) / Laura KEat (Orange Cty, CA)

Classic / Showcase

1st  Zack Richard & Maryse LeBeau (Montreal)

2nd Patrick Schmidt & Natasha Ouimet (Montreal)

3rd  Francois Pare & Nadine Gagnon (Montreal)

Open Jack & Jill

1st  Dany Plouffe / Genevieve St. Laurent (Montreal)

2nd Ben Grunwald / Sandra Mazlagic (Philadelphia)

3rd Eric Barbier (Montreal) / Megan Damon (Boston)

Strictly Balboa

1st  Francois Pare & Nadine Gagnon (Montreal)

2nd Patrick Schmidt & Natasha Ouimet (Montreal)

3rd  Adam LaMontagne & Nicole Zuckerman (Boston)

Collegiate Team

1st  West Philly Swingers (UPenn)

2nd Columbia University Swing Dance Club


1st  Swing Connexion (Montreal)

2nd Balboa Connexion (Montreal)

3rd Swingin’ Air Force (Montreal)


1st  Bobby White (DC)

2nd Joel Plys (San Diego, CA) / Nathan Bugh (NYC)

3rd The Rusty Dusties (Dayton, OH)

Congratulations to Kate Hedin and Bobby White for representing DC (and the rest of the Washington Metroolitan area) by winning the StrictlyLindy Hop and Cabaret Divisions, and from stopping the red menace known as Canada from sweeping the proceedings.

By the way, those aren’t mistakes on the website.  The Cats’ Corner (Champions Strictly Lindy Hop) and Solo Charleston contests were canceled.  The Blues division was combined with Cabaret.   The Classic and Showcase divisions were also combined for the second year in a row.

This is also the second year with no American Showcase despite advertising qualifying rounds in six cities this year. I know only of two that took place: one in San Francisco and the other at Lindy on the Rocks in Denver.

There’s  few videos of this year’s ALHC online if you want to do a search, but they have at least finally started putting up videos from past ALHC’s online.

For those of you still wondering, no official results for The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown are up yet.

International Lindy Hop Championships results are still online and we’ll soon be putting up high quality videos of the competitions.  Keep an eye out for that.  Alternatively, you can just check in here, and I’ll let you know.

And just to show that I’m not leaving anyone out, Camp Hollywood results are available on their website in probably the best presentation online.

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