ULHS 2009 Videos: The Fun Stuff

Here are some random miscellaneous various clips that people have put up to give you a little flavor of the sights and sounds of ULHS 2009.

Baseball game between Musicians and Dancers

Chazz Young leads the Shim Sham at House of Blues

Tap & Craziness at the Wax museum

Meschiya Lake sings Backyard Blues with Luke Winslow King

Sister Kate & Friends

This Little Light of Mine – Preservation Hall Jazz Band

The Loose Marbles

Street Swing Dance Contest

Preliminary Round


1 Comment

  1. Breanna said,

    November 3, 2009 at 12:27 am

    Oh man, I almost forgot about that moment at the Wax Museum with the tapper and Meschiya–so amazing! It was made of absolute energy. I remember being struck by the unbelievable unification in the room…everyone was just one being, made of music at that moment. Pure magic!

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