Random Links & Videos: Let’s Get Physical Edition

Many new blogs on the interwebs.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to link to them.

This one is a super in depth explanation of how followers use the muscles in their backs by a licensed massage therapist.  <Hot Club of Durham>

Mary Freitag from SoCal has launched a follower centric blog.  She adds her own observations about the use of the pike in your dancing.  <Art and Dancing>

The Jitterbug Club from Las Vegas has a nifty new design and the start of regular features.  This week’s edition of Swingsights talks about the use of your core.  <The Jitterbug Club>

Not a Lindy Hop blog but keeping with the physical theme, this blog via Mental Floss talks about the physics of touching your toes.  <Starts With a Bang>

Glenn Crytzer just wants to hurt you with his musical knowledge.  Here is part of a series of posts detailing the role of each of the instruments in a vintage swing rhythm section.  <My Jazz Can Beat Up Your Jazz>

Finally, more non-YouTube video goodness via http://www.Vimeo.com and http://www.DailyMotion.com.

First well shot footage of the venerable Lindy in The Park in San Francisco.

A demo by Hanna Zetterman & Mattias Lundmark.

But YouTube still has the stuff with a more recent demo featuring the aforementioned Hanna Zetterman and Mattias Lundmark along with Aussies Shane McCarthy and Ruth Jeffery to a nifty version of “All God’s Chillun’.”

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