Weekly Video Highlights: The Snowball

In covering all this Lindy Focus stuff, I almost forgot about the other big New Year’s Lindy Hop event, The Snowball over in Stokholm, Sweden.

Thanks to eric00000007, susannedr, thaitran99, and SourisswingetteParis for uploading the following videos.

First up, some performances by the Harlem Hot Shots.

Frankie Manning’s son, Chazz Young tapping to his father’s favorite song, Shiny Stockings.

Here’s a glimpse of the exotic Dean Collins Shim Sham in a rare appearance outside of its native habitat of southern California.

The Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

Unfortunately the only video of the Strictly Lindy on YouTube got jacked by the copyright police, so it has no sound.  But if you have a Facebook account you maybe able to see this video.

Here’s an awesome clip of Gordon Webster and his band with singers Malcolm Holt, Jesse Selengut, Naomi Uyama, and Steven Mitchell doubling as James Brown

What happens after they leave the ballroom?  Thank the wonders of modern social networking for giving you the answer.

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