Weekly Video Highlights: Lindy Hop Argentina International Festival 2010

Sorry about the lack of updates this week.  I’m remarkably unproductive when I’m sick, as I was last week, and I’ve been playing catch up at work after being away for almost two weeks between Lindy Focus and my cold.

But I won’t leave you hanging this week thanks to the fine Lindy Hoppers in Argentina of all places.  Not just the land of tango anymore apparently, they held their forth Lindy Hop Argentina International Festival last weekend.

Speaking of international Lindy Hop events, registration for the next International Lindy Hop Championships is going to be opening very soon. <end very subtle subliminal advertising>

Anyway, I think its always interesting to see how the dance is spreading and growing in all parts of the world.  Here’s a small sample.

Luciana Salinas & Maxi Prado

Zero Rizza: Stepsisters

Giselle Anguizola performing “Hot Pockets & Honey Pot”

A Homage to Catrine Ljunggren

I think its nice that the did something for Catrine who has been around since the beginning.  She’s a founding member of the Rhythm Hot Shots (the fore bearers to the Harlem Hot Shots) and Herrang Dance Camp.  Plus she’s one of the precious few people in the world that can say that she learned from Al Minns.

This is just different:  Nanu Del Gesso & Nicolás Sandisk

Be sure to check out YouTube-ites alvarux2006 and LindyHopperDragonfly for more performance and competition videos form LHAIF.

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