Lone Star Championships 2010-Jack & Jill videos & official results and scores

Official results and complete scores for all divisions are now available online for the 3rd annual Lone Star Championships which occurred January 15th-17th, 2010 in Austin, TX.

Plus more videos below from this year’s Jack & Jill competitions.

Thanks to omnipresent floridave for putting these up.

Newcomer J&J finals


1st – Alex Cloutier and Megan Richardson
2nd – Jason Hizon and Sarah Simon
3rd – Aleck Wright and Jennifer Monk

Intermediate J&J finals


1st – Chia-Wen Lin and Hyunjae Oh
2nd – Yossef Mendelssohn and Mallory Grigg
3rd – Alexander Fernandez and Laura Brewer

Advanced J&J finals


1st – Patrick Wall and Jenna Stworzyjanek
2nd – Hunter Demaray and Shannon Jabczynski
3rd – Carlos Vidal and Mary Freitag

2:45p – Newcomer J&J finals

3:00p – Intermediate J&J finals

3:30p – Advanced J&J finals

1 Comment

  1. Freddie said,

    February 4, 2010 at 4:07 am

    Watching competition videos like this I’m often taken by how the newcomers and intermediate levels looks better to me. The have decent technique and then use it to get a flowing dance adding in musicality whereas the advanced level dancers often seems so intent on doing technically challenging moves and crazy foot variations, which when not executed as well as they know how to do a basic swingout often creates a disruptive dance that looks forced.

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