Herrang Instructors by the Numbers

I can get a little obsessive compulsive sometimes.  For example, I was looking at the Herrang Dance Camp website and was amazed by the fact that they have 107 teachers.  Granted, they are spread out over a month, but they still employ about 30 teachers a week.

Only a handful of other events like Camp Jitterbug, Lindy Focus, Lindy Shock, Beantown, and Rock That Swing each have a comparable number of teachers, but those are over long weekends or one week.  Herrang usually takes place over four weeks, and this year its going to be five.

Anyway, I was curious as to how they scheduled this mass-o-teachers, so I plugged them into a spreadsheet just to see what it looked like. I’m not going to Herrang this year.  I’ve never been actually.  I’m just that much of a planning nerd.  Simple things like this amuse me.

Trying to manage something like this during the event must be good times if you’re some sort of psychotic insomniac.  Gotta give much respect though.   This stuff is pretty hardcore.  I am suitably impressed.

A couple of fun facts that I noticed . . .

Number of teachers:  107

Female:  57

Male:     50

Countries they represent:  13

Argentina        1

Australia          3

Belgium           1

Canada            2

France            7

Germany          3

Italy                2

Slovenia          1

Spain              4

Sweden           32

UK                  8

Ukraine           2

USA                41

Most of of the instructors are Lindy Hoppers, but a few are just teaching Mambo, Tap, Boogie Woogie, African Dance or Balboa.  Some of them are teaching multiple dances.  Here’s a break down of those who are just teaching one type of specialized dance.

African Dance          2

Balboa                    4

Boogie Woogie         5

Mambo                   4

Tap                        5

There are 83 instructors teaching Lindy Hop with 19 of them also teaching some form of solo Authentic Jazz dance.  Lindy Hoppers Nina Gilkenson and Naomi Uyama are also teaching Belly Dance during week 3.

Number of teachers named Jenny       3

Number of teachers named Jenny that are American    0

This does not include Jeni LeGon who is in a category all by herself.

Disclaimer: This chart is not a product of Herrang Dance Camp.  While it is a reflection of the information available on the website as of March 2, 2010, I’m sure it will probably change between now and July.  I have no intention of keeping it updated, but since I have all this information compiled anyway, I thought I’d share it.

Note that the Number at the top of the column refers to the week of the camp.

Name Dance Country 1 2 3 4 5
Andreas Berg BW SWE 1
Andy Spitz LH BEL 1
Andy Reid LH USA 1
Angela Andrew LH UK 1
Annie Trudeau LH CAN 1
Åsa Palm AJ/LH SWE 1 1 1
Åsa Rickardsson LH SWE 1
Barbara Billups Special USA 1 1
Bethany Powell LH USA 1
Bruno David LH FR 1
Bärbl Kaufer BW GER 1
Carla Heiney LH USA 1
Carolene Hinds AJ/LH UK 1
Catrine Ljunggren TAP/LH USA 1
Chazz Young TAP USA 1 1
Chester Whitmore AJ/TAP USA 1 1
Daniel Newsome LH USA 1
Daniel Heedman AJ/LH SWE 1 1
David Dalmo AJ/TAP/LH SWE 1
Dawn Hampton LIFE USA 1 1 1 1
Delores Kumah AJ/LH UK 1
Diane van Haaren LH USA 1
Eddie Jansson LH SWE 1
Elliott Donnelley LH USA
Emilia Garrote Pablo LH SPN 1
Eva Lagerqvist Jansson LH SWE 1
Evita Arce LH USA 1
eWa Burak AJ/LH SWE 1 1
Fatima Teffahi TAP/AJ SWE 1 1 1 1
Frida Borg LH SWE 1 1
Frida Segerdahl AJ/LH SWE 1 1 1
Hanna Zetterman LH SWE 1 1
Hasse Mattsson LH SWE 1 1
Helena Norbelie LH SWE 1
Henric Stillman BW/LH SWE 1 1
Isabella Gregorio LH ITA 1 1
Jeni LeGon LH USA
Jenny Ajland AD SWE
Jenny Deurell LH SWE 1
Jenny Francois AJ/TAP/LH UK 1
Jeremy Otth BAL/LH USA 1 1
Jessica Lennartsson BW/AJ/LH SWE 1 1
Jo Hoffberg LH USA 1 1
Joanna Eriksson BW/LH SWE 1 1
Juan Villafañe LH ARG 1
Katja Hrastar BAL SLO 1
Kelly Arsenault BAL USA 1
Kenneth Norbelie LH SWE 1
Kevin St. Laurent LH USA 1
Larysa Glikina LH UKR 1
Laura Keat BAL/LH USA 1 1
Lautaro Ariño MAMBO SWE 1
Lennart Westerlund LH SWE 1 1
Lucy Falkner LH USA 1
Manu Smith LH USA 1
Marcus Koch BW GER 1
Marie Nahnfeldt Mattsson LH SWE 1 1
Marina Prada MAMBO SWE 1
Mark Kihara LH USA 1
Martin Wedby AJ/LH SWE 1
Mattias Lundmark LH SWE 1 1
Max Pitruzzella LH CAN 1
Mia Goldsmith LH USA 1 1
Michela Marino Lerman TAP USA 1 1
Mickey Fortanasce BAL USA 1
Mira Hannula MAMBO SWE 1
Moe Sakan LH UK 1 1
Naomi Uyama AJ//TAP/BD/LH USA 1 1 1
Natasha Harouard LH FR 1
Nick Williams BAL/LH USA 1 1
Nina Gilkenson LH/BD USA 1 1
Norma Miller LH USA 1 1
Olivier Harouard LH FR 1
Pep Espígol LH SPN 1
Peter Loggins BAL USA 1
Peter Strom LH USA 1 1
Pontus Persson AJ/LH SWE 1 1 1
Ramona Staffeld LH USA 1
Remy Kouakou Kouame BW FR 1
Rikard Ekstrand LH SWE 1
Rob van Haaren LH USA 1
Russell Sargeant LH UK 1
Ruth Jeffery LH AUS 1 1
Ryan Francois AJ/LH UK 1
Sakarias Larsson AJ/TAP/LH SWE 1 1
Sara Deckard LH USA 1
Sarah Reich TAP USA 1 1
Sarrah Montalban BW FR 1
Sekou Canara AFRICAN SWE
Shane McCarthy LH AUS 1
Sharon Davis LH AUS 1
Simon Selmon LH UK 1
Skye Humphries AJ/LH USA 1 1 1
Sonia Ortega LH SPN 1
Stefan Durham LH USA 1
Steven Mitchell AJ/LH USA 1 1
Sugar Sullivan LH USA 1 1
Sylvia Sykes BAL/LH USA 1 1
Taras Melnyk LH UKR 1
Thomas Marek TAP GER 1 1
Todd Yannacone AJ/LH USA 1 1
Véronique David LH FR 1
Victor Cuno TAP FR 1
Vincenzo Fesi LH ITA 1 1
Virginie Jensen LH USA 1 1
Vladimir Guala MAMBO SWE 1
Xavier Recuenco Betriu LH SPN 1

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  1. Betty Day said,

    June 19, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Lucy Falkner is from Canada.

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