Talk Amongst Yourselves

I’m going to be offline for the next week for my vacation.  So if you post a comment somewhere, and it doesn’t show up, rest assured that I’ll get to it when I return.  I’m sure you won’t miss me especially with so many other online disctractions to keep you occupied.

You can still come back and be entertained since I finally figure out how to time delay posts.  So you should see some new content  pop up this week while I’m away.

Don’t forget to check out this past week’s Retro Video Review featuring the Rhythm Hot Shots and Frankie & Chazz just below this post.

Also, if you’re lucky, then the interview I did with Bobby White for DCLX should be up soon over on that event’s website sometime soon.  While you’re there, think about coming up/down/over to DC for an always fun event.

If not then, there’s always ILHC in August.  We already have dancers from Canada, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, England and Sweden registered.   We’re anticipating another rockin’ event this year which is going to be in a bigger and fancier hotel, but for the same price as year’s past.

I hope you have a productive week.

Finally our weekly video moment of zen.


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