ILHC 2010 Initial Ruminations

I’m glad I didn’t promise to update during the weekend because that would have turned me into a dirty liar.  However, I think this ILHC marks a significant milestone in the Lindy blogosphere.  When I started this blog a little over a year ago, there were only a handful of Lindy related blogs that updated infrequently, but now the online community is really starting to blossom.   A couple of blogs updated during the weekend and a few more posted reactions within days of the event.  I’ll recap those when I have a chance. Read the rest of this entry »

Jonathan Stout at ILHC 2010

In addition to letting me take pictures, my new camera takes nice HD videos too.  Here are a couple of after and before videos of Jonathan Stout at ILHC last Saturday night.

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My ILHC 2010 in Pictures

So much for updating in a timely fashion.  Things are just starting to settle down, but I thought I’d at least share some photos I took over the weekend.  I’m not claiming to be much of a photographer although it’s something I’d like to get into more.  I just got a new camera last month and it’s the first time I’ve owned one in over 10 years, so picture quality has a lot to be desired.  A few others were taken with my new Droid 2 phone that I got the weekend before ILHC.  All things considered, I figure that this is the easiest way to show you my weekend until I have the time to write up something more substantial.

Thanks to everyone coming out and supporting the event! Read the rest of this entry »

Video Review: Jo & Peter Invitational Jack & Jill ILHC 2009 and ILHC 2010 coverage.

I thought about posting ILHC videos like I did for 2008, but Dave over at Jazzpirations already did that.

Instead, I thought I might as well talk about one particular dance by Jo Hoffberg and Peter Strom from last year that caught my eye a few months ago.

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Storytelling Through Movement

I saw Scott Pilgrm Vs. The World yesterday.  I won’t do a full scale review of it, but I will say that it’s an awesomely fun movie.

There was one fight scene that reminded me of a film I saw at a Terra Cotta Warriors Kung Fu Film Festival last winter that I wanted to post about but forgot.

The movie is called . . . wait for it . . . Dirty Ho.  Gotta love unintentionally hilarious translations.  The scene below may have been the inspiration for the one in Scott Pilgrim where the lead character is “led” by his romantic interest in his fight against one of her evil Ex’s.

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I did an interview with Bobby White (of Swungover fame) for the DCLX website last March, but some of my original answers were deemed not wholesome enough for that  family friendly site.

Damn The Man!

(Not you Bobby.  I’m referring to a more generic, omnipotent “Man,”)

So I present the unedited version here.  There isn’t that much more, but you can play where’s Waldo with my saltier answers while I put the final trimmings on ILHC.

When did you first start dancing, and what was one memory that sticks out from that time?

My first class was January, 1999, but I didn’t go out regularly until winter 2000/2001.  Until then it was just something to do once a week.  The thing that really drew in was finally going to the dances around DC and experiencing the energy of the people and then later the creative possibilities of the dance. Read the rest of this entry »

Camp Hollywood 2010 Observations

The National Jitterbug Championships at Camp Hollywood happened a couple of weekends ago.  I’ve been pretty lax with the video updates, but thankfully the Lindy Blogosphere is on the case. Read the rest of this entry »

Random DCene: Yes We Can

Reggie lived in the alcove of a rarely used building next to mine for quite a few years.  He was always hustling for cash; whether it was by washing  cars, pointing out available parking spaces to the visiting suburbanites, or just hanging out on the corner.

He was usually very friendly.  I think I saw him more than I did most other neighbors.  We always said hello to each other. He was there for years, I think even before I moved there.  Although I give money to homeless people on occasion, I never gave him anything partially out of my own financial situation and partially not to encourage him as we saw each other almost every day.

One day we started to go through the motions of our usual interaction when he just exploded at me for never giving him any change.  He cursed me out and accused me of being selfish.  It was a pretty unusual outburst.  We just stared each other down.  Me mostly out of surprise before I told him that I just didn’t have anything on me.

I left that encounter a little disturbed because I had been contemplating the concept of selfishness at that time, but not in the same sort of context.  Still, it gave me some more things to think about.  In appreciation I cooked a whole meal for Reggie the next day.  I just gave it to him without a word.  There were no apologies or thanks exchanged.

The next time I saw him he thanked me and told me a little bit about his life.  His family was gone and he had no one to turn to.   We shook hands for the first time in eight years.

He disappeared not long after that.  He did that from time to time, but eventually weeks became months and I feared the worst.

I went to go vote on Election Day back in 2008, and after I came out of the voting station I ran into Reggie in front of a shelter.  We shook hands again and he told me he was getting his life together.  He asked me to tell the folks in my building that he was doing alright.

I just spoke with my ANC commissioner today.  She was gathering up signatures to put her on the ballot again this fall, and she told me that she spoke to some of my neighbors who relayed the news that Reggie had come by our building recently.  He was in a suit and told everyone about his job and how he was about to get a car.  He wanted to thank everyone for letting him live in those bushes next door to us for all those years.

Keith Shapiro

I was preparing a post on DJ’ing when I heard the sad news that Austin DJ and event promoter Keith Shapiro passed away last night.

I only met Keith very briefly many years ago, but he touched many lives through his work in our community. He was also host of the Blues podcast Confessing The Blues.

You can offer condolences and support to his memorial Facebook page.   A number of his friends are also paying tribute to him online.

My condolences to his friends and family especially to his wife Summer and his two daughters Anna and Ella.

Zen and the Art of Event Planning

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I’m an arrogant jerk.

Anytime I go to an event, not just a Lindy Hop event, I tend to look around, check things out, and think to myself:  I can do this better.  This includes my own events.  However, that’s not to say that I’ve actually done better. Read the rest of this entry »