My ILHC 2010 in Pictures

So much for updating in a timely fashion.  Things are just starting to settle down, but I thought I’d at least share some photos I took over the weekend.  I’m not claiming to be much of a photographer although it’s something I’d like to get into more.  I just got a new camera last month and it’s the first time I’ve owned one in over 10 years, so picture quality has a lot to be desired.  A few others were taken with my new Droid 2 phone that I got the weekend before ILHC.  All things considered, I figure that this is the easiest way to show you my weekend until I have the time to write up something more substantial.

Thanks to everyone coming out and supporting the event!


2:20 PM

3:45 PM

5:27 PM

6:33 PM

6:33 PM

6:35 PM

10:55 PM

10:57 PM

11:02 PM

11:05 PM


6:04 PM

6:44 PM

6:49 PM

6:55 PM

8:47 PM

9:04 PM

10:03 PM

10:42 PM

11:10 PM


2:49 PM

2:49 PM

2:59 PM

3:00 PM

3:02 PM

3:08 PM

3:10 PM

3:32 PM

3:39 PM

3:46 PM

3:46 PM

3:47 PM

3:50 PM

3:52 PM

3:58 PM

3:59 PM

4:03 PM

4:04 PM

4:07 PM

4:08 PM


7:34 PM

7:38 PM

9:42 PM

9:43 PM

9:47 PM

11:01 PM


8:59 PM


3:46 AM

4:38 AM

5:40 AM

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