The Revolution is Being Televised.

I’ve actually been writing quite a bit.  Just not anything I care to post for public consumption.

While I’m still thinking of stuff to post, I’ll share some videos I took while at the Lindustrial Revolution in Charlottesville, VA a few weeks ago.  It was a fun event put on by the awesome folks at SwingCville.

Here’s Karen Turman and Andrew Thigpen milking every last bit of work they put into their awesome ILHC Showcase routine for their instructor demo.

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ILHC 2010 Round Up

Yeah, I’m busy again.  I have a bunch of ideas for posts, but not a lot of time.  Luckily the Lindy blogosphere has plenty of reactions.  Online reaction on Facebook to the event itself has been crazy good.  Thanks to everyone once again for attending, competing and working the best damn event around.

First and foremost, results are now available on the ILHC website complete with score sheets in formats.  Read the rest of this entry »