Guest Post: The Evolution of “The Evolution of Lindy Hop” Pt. 7

Almost there.  Read more Karen awesome here.

ULHS 2006 was another epic event, especially the fast dancing division.  This was the first time that Showdown was really published via youtube, and that particular comp went totally viral and is now one of the first clips that comes up when you search for “lindy hop.”  We really considered quoting Nick Williams and Ria Dibiase and their incredibly innovative aerial inspired by a dance scene in the movie Idlewild, which garnered them first place in the coolest competition of the year.

However, it was too hard for us.  Nick Williams has pushed air steps to new heights over the years in other contests as well, such as Camp Jitterbug 2008 with Carla Heiney and various new takes on pancakes, snatches, around-the-backs, etc.

ULHS 2007 was populated with just about everybody in the world who does the lindy hop and had something they wanted to show off.  I’m sad to say that I had to miss that Sunday, when Skye and Frida performed their awesome “24 robbers” routine.  This piece was neither blazingly fast, nor chock-full of air steps, but rather brimming with creative uses of jazz movement contextualized in lindy hop and Charleston moves.  I love the leitmotif of the heel toe scooches, in fact Andrew and I used the idea of having a recurring move for our Hoedown (heel clicks), inspired by this routine.  We really wanted to quote Skye and Frida for everything they’ve done for the lindy hop community, and chose this routine because it is probably their most recognizable clip, while embodying simple yet difficult and creative choreography executed in a relaxed and graceful way.

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