Favorite Videos 2010: Music

Just a note: This blog is going on automatic for the next week.  There should be a post every day Monday through Thursday with the rest of my favorite videos.  I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to check it while I’m at home or at Lindy Focus next week, but feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reply whenever I can.

Northeast Girl Jam 2010 Mable Lee with the Boilermaker Jazz Band

The people who organized Northeast Girl Jam did a great service by giving people the opportunity learn and be entertained by the legendary Mabel Lee.  Here she sings with the Boilermaker Jazz Band who once again demonstrate their versatility and virtuosity.

Snowball 2009 – Gordon Webster Sextet – Down By The Riverside

One of the good trends that has developed over the past few years is the growing relationship between dancers and musicians.  Here’s the godfather of Lindy Hop, Steven Mitchell, channeling a bit of James Brown alongside a couple other dances, Malcolm Holt and Naomi Uyama tearing it up with Gordon Webster’s band over at the last Snowball.

ILHC 2010 Jonathan Stout & His Campus 5

Yeah, I know it’s my video.  I’m biased that way.  Just before this jam broke out, I checked my clock and knew Jonathan was going to end with a hot one.  I figured that someone would film the jam, so I set up in front of the band.  I always wanted to get footage of a great dance band like Jonathan’s during a jam.

And just for comparison’s sake, the jam itself.

ILHC 2010 LED Talks Preview

It was the time of your life and you know it.

Uptown Swing Class Review Peter Strom & Stacia Martin

Best use of music to make an instructional point.

Wherever you are and who ever you are, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and/or a wonderful holiday.  Good luck and God Bless.  Take care, fare well, and all that Jazz.  I hope to meet you on the dance floor sometime soon in the coming year.

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