Favorite Videos 2010 Other Dancing

This is a combination of dances that don’t quite fit any of the traditional jazz dances done by Lindy, Balboa, or Blues dancers.  They’re either more modern or they are a combination of several influences into something new. I wish there was a term for that . . .

Naomi UyamaInternational Lindy Hop Championships 2010 Cabaret

Here’s another performance I wanted to write about after ILHC.  I mentioned previously how the 2006 ULHS Liberation division looms large over Lindy Hop, but the Solo Blues division from that year is another one that casts a long shadow.  It’s almost a running gag to see how many ideas that Naomi introduced have been beaten to death in blues/slow routines since.  This performance takes those conventions and turns them on their head. Instead of building up tension and releasing it in short bursts (i.e. successive slow movements followed by a sudden one) this whole piece is one long exercise in tension, and doesn’t let go until the end.

Bernard Cavasa & Joyss – Crazy Rhythm Challenge 2010 Cabaret

A Charleston routine?  Not quite.

Nikki Marvin & Mikey PedrozaGoodnight Sweetheart

This is just one of those performances I like especially the way they use a lot of different elements to get the job done rather than just to show off that they can do them.  Classy and elegant but still accessible.

Laura Glaess & Mike RobertsLindy Focus

If you watch the rest of this New Year’s Eve Show at the last Lindy Focus, you’ll see how out of place this piece is.  It’s a quite risk especially since it’s a little bit out of their comfort zone, but one that pays off because they stole the show that night.

Kelly Arsenault and Mickey FortanasceRock That Swing 2010

Kelly is a talented modern dancer and it’s great to see her combine that with dancing that people round these parts associate with her.

Sarrah Montalban & Remy Kouakou KouameLindy hop on The Beach

This is a boogie woogie routine.  I’m not sure about Sarrah, but I know Remy is also an active Lindy Hopper.  I tend not to like a lot of Boogie Woogie I’ve seen, but Remy’s movement in particular really grabs my attention.

Evita Arce Michael JaggerLone Star Championships 2010

A sweet re-interpretation of a classic song and dance.

Joyss – Crazy Rhythm Challenge 2010

If I opened this post up to dancers outside of the regular Lindy/Blues/Balboa community, this post would be even longer.  I give this one a pass because it was performed at a Lindy event.  And it is a sweet routine.  I would normally be wary of anyone trying to do hip hop to “Strange Fruit,” but it’s done here with class and dignity.

Yes Dance Herräng Dance Camp 2010 Cabaret

More than anything, I admire Alex’s total commitment to this performance; really getting into it long before the music starts.

“Salsa Swing Night” Show

I’ll admit that I’m including this just for the novelty.  How many times are you going to see former Harlem Hot Shots do a combo Salsa/Lindy routine?

Amanda Gruhl & Shawn Hershey – Demo

This I can get into.  I especially like how they’re musical without over dancing the music.

Peter Strom & Manu SmithSwing & Soul 2010

Peter & Manu taking me back with their Magical Mystery Ride.

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