Favorite Videos 2010: Solo Jazz

A bit of a misnomer since most of these are done in groups, but I trust that you get the idea.

You can tell I’ve been doing these all at once because my descriptions are getting shorter, but at least a lot of these performances speak for themselves.


I take this as a good sign that dancers are becoming more and more comfortable integrating other kinds of movements into their vocabulary and making good use of them.

Mike Faltesek & Nathan BughLindy Focus

Mikey and Nathan go all out in this re-creation of a lesser known clip of Al Minns & Leon James.

Flora Dal Molin, Marcia Bodenmann, Maria Trodella, Nick Akerhult und Tina Foppa – Shuffle the House 2010

This is a clever routine from a group out in Switzerland.  The vintage effects on the video is a little gimmicky, but at least it doesn’t get in the way of the performance.

The Harlem Hot Shots – Rehearsals in San Francisco

A humorous take on the One Man Dance.

Naomi Uyama, Todd Yannacone, & Skye HumphriesHop die Elbe 2010

Three person solo routines are rare, and here’s the second one on this list.  Again, nothing terribly elaborate.  Simple and well performed.  For the most part.

Chance Bushman vs Bobby BonseyUltimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2010 Charleston Finals Battle

Two talented dancers pulling out all the stops.  Can’t ask anything more than that.

eWa Burak & Lennart WesterlundSwinglandia 2010 Cabaret.

I don’t think Lennart gets enough credit here in the US for playing a major role in the Lindy revival.  He was one of the guys who has been around since day one.  Here he is with another Rhythm Hot Shot veteran showing that they still have it.

Jana Grulichova – ILHC Solo Charleston Division

No one knew this at the time, but everyone who was at ILHC this year was in the running for the coveted Baltimore Prize.  WTF is that?  It’s something the Baltimore dancers concocted to reward the person they felt brought the fun with them.  In addition to a nifty trophy, the Baltimore dancers chipped in to pay for this person to come back next year.  Yes Max won the solo contest here, and Bobby steals the show a couple of times, but Jana Grulicova demonstrates what it takes to win such a prestigious award.

Jo Hoffberg & The Atomic Cherry BombsJump Session 2010

An impressive recreation of an Eleanor Powell performance.  I especially admire the amount of work Jo put into collaborating with the Atomic Cherry Bombs to put this thing together.

Daniel Heedman & Åsa PalmRhythm City Mess Around 2010

More Swedish solo stylings from former Harlem Hot Shots.

Gilbert Cadène & Remy Kouakou Kouame – Betty Boop Swing Festival 2010

Some French flavored tap

The Killer Dillers – Jump Session 2010

Of course now that I’ve said that three person routines are rare, I’m now listing the hat trick.  This song seems oddly familiar . . .

Adam Boehmer and Ryan CallowayBoogie By the Bay 2010

Here’s to facial hair themed dance teams.

Shesha MarvinGoodnight Sweetheart

I have to give Shesha a lot of credit for trying a lot of different routines (later along with Kevin St. Laurent) with this hat theme in a relatively short period of time.  But usually something happens in those routines that bust the flow of my enjoyment.  So I’ll post the first one that really impressed me.

The Harlem Hot Shots with Swing That Music

This is just a random video, but I really dig alternate angles of performances.  This one gives a nice back stage documentary feel of the Hot Shots at work.


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    January 10, 2011 at 9:07 am

    first of all thanks a lot to post the video from ILHC solo charleston 🙂
    I just want to ask, if you would be so kind and change the link of my name
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    Thanks a lot…grate blog!!!

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