Favorite Videos 2010 Blues & Balboa

Last stop.  My top favorites will go up some time next week after I get home.  Until then, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

Steven Mitchell & Virginie JensenBarswingona 2010

The masters hard at work playing.

Laura Keat & Jeremy Otth vs. Nelle Cherry & Adam SpeenEastern Balboa Championships 2009 Open Classic Finals

This contest was last year, but this video came out this year.  Close enough for my purposes.  Lindy, Blues, and Balboa dancers are still getting used to working with the heads up format.  Everyone take note: This is how it’s done.

Campbell Miller & Chris MayerSweet Molasses Blues

Aerials are tough to integrate into any dance piece and easy to do at the expense of good dancing, so its good to see it done well in a blues dance routine.

Mia Goldsmith & Todd Yannacone and Nelle Cherry & Adam Speen – International Lindy Hop Championships 2010 Strictly Balboa Finals

I follow the balboa scene only very casually, but all of these guys always draw my attention when I see them bal.  It’s nice to see them in one video here.

Laura Glaess & Dexter Santos – 2010 bluesSHOUT! Open Jack & Jill

Pay attention to the all skate at the end.  This is usually the least interesting part of a dance contest because there’s too much going on to focus on any one thing especially on video.  However this contest is remarkable for the way Laura and Dexter dominate the all skate in a way I’ve never seen a single couple do in any dance competition.

Evita ArceUltimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2010 Solo Blues finals

This video highlights the problem filming with most blues contests since they are usually done in poor lighting, but even the darkness here can’t cover Evita Arce’s performance.

Emerald City Blues Festival 2010 Solo Blues Contest

In contrast to the last video, check out how the spotlight, the video quality, and the camera angle cranks up the drama for those of us that weren’t there.  Then check out Shawn Hershey towards the end go completely outside the box and bringing down the house with him.

Lone Star Championships 2010 Strictly Blues Finals

Good live music makes any contest awesome.

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