There’s been a lot of interesting chatter about the Lone Star Championships and Dax & Sarah’s television appearance.  I’ve been trying to put some thoughts together since Lindy Focus about some of the issues that these two recent events bring up, but I don’t have anything coherent yet.  That’s mostly acombination of me being too busy and people saying thoughtful stuff.

Until I can get something together, check out a few video highlights from The Snowball over in Stockholm Sweden which took place over the New Year holiday at the same time as Lindy Focus.  My favorite has to be this bluesy hip hop improvisation done by Joyss with the Gordon Webster Septet.

The instructors over there also put on a full show.  Here are a couple of highlights. Check out YouTube user eric00000007 for clips of the whole thing.

Lindy Hop Finals

Jack & Jill Final

Congratulations to Helena, Kenneth, Marie, and Hasse for putting on a great event.

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  1. Allen Hall said,

    January 26, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    My wife, Rudy, and I have attended the last three Lone Star Championships, and I would be interested in the “interesting chatter” you have heard about the event.

    Allen Hall

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