How Ya Like Me Now?

Announcing the next stage on my road to internet domination: the Wondering & Pondering official Facebook presence.

Like it here.

It occurred to me that I keep amassing links and videos that I hope to post on this blog, but since I always want to do it up all fancy like, they just kinda languish in the ether.

So I’ll use the Facebook page to pass along the articles and random videos of interest that I don’t have time to discuss in depth here.  And I’ll also post links to new posts from here as well.  It’ll be like a secret club except everyone will know about it.  Everyone.

It’ll also be a good way for people to connect with me on FB.  Honestly, I still feel a little weird accepting friend requests from people I’ve never met before.  I know plenty of you read the blog, but I’d like to reserve my personal FB page for people I know directly.  So if we’re FB friends now, but we’ve never met, there’s a good chance I may be cutting you loose soon.  It’s nothing personal, but . . .  you know . . . there’s just nothing personal between us. But then, you’ll have this new Facebook page to Like and we can keep up that way.

I also realized that I spent an entire post describing my YouTube favoriting rationale, but forgot to link to my YouTube page.

That’s this thing here:

Feel free to subscribe.  Or just hit refresh a lot, waiting for the next embarrassing old video to pop up.

Tell your friends.

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