ILHC 2011: Frida & Skye Déjà Vu

I was going to post this on my Facebook page until I just decided that it was long enough to warrant it’s own blog post. I had all these grand plans for a post explaining the hiatus, but working on it is what’s keeping me from posting anything else, so let’s just pretend like I’ve been posting all along.

I already posted this video on my page, but I know what you’re wondering.

When I asked Skye if he was doing anything over ILHC weekend, he said he was hoping to, but didn’t have anything prepared.  This was last Thursday. Classic division was on Friday, which was the same night that Frida was flying in.

It was still touch and go for a bit as it wasn’t completely certain that Frida would make it in time ahead of all the cancellations from the incoming hurricane. As it was, she flew in much later than she was originally scheduled.

They didn’t start completely from scratch. They’ve been grooving on the song for the better part of a year, and cannibalized material they’ve been teaching in classes over the same amount of time.

We’ve been making fun of Skye since because he’s seems to have embraced an approach to choreography that resembles an slacker undergrad the night before finals rather than that of a professional dancer. Although, if you knew him, you’d know he more readily identifies with the former than the latter. You can’t blame Frida for this because her work with the Harlem Hot Shots proves that she has her stuff together. Although that professionalism is probably the reason why they can get away with so little preparation.

Last night at dinner, Andy Reid joked that before the Invitational J&J, it was announced to the competitors that they were not going to be able to draw a person that they have done a choreographed routine with within the last few years. Andy wryly observed that that wouldn’t necessarily disqualify Frida and Skye dancing with each other.

In his defense, Skye told me that he thinks that there is a danger in over preparing a dance to a point where it looks too artificial. However, as far as I know, I don’t think he’s had that kind of first hand experience.

Check out the rest of the Classic Classic division on this site. And if you’re If you’re good, I’ll  more ILHC geekiness soon.