My 2011 Video Highlights

I feel like I’m a broken record in saying how many great videos and performances there were this year. It’s part of the reason why I broke up the video selections like I did. I would have had no problem sharing all the other videos, but that would have been a long frickin’ post. (Not that I usually have a problem with that)

I really enjoyed all the videos that have been posted so far, but I reserved this post to highlight stuff that somehow fell through the cracks for whatever reason. A lot of them are from earlier this year, and just didn’t meet the metric standards of the earlier posts based on this blog’s Facebook Page simply because of sheer numbers. However, it’s still all quality stuff.

Couple Performances

Stompology 2011 Mike and Laura performance

I kinda wish Mike Roberts & Laura Glaess performed this routine for ILHC, because this was incredibly fun to watch. Jamin’s performance at ILHC was amazing for someone who hasn’t been Lindy Hopping for very long. Mikey Pedroza & Nikki Marvin performed several versions of this routine over the past year, and even beat the Mario Brothers with it at Camp Hollywood, but I really liked this one without the fast section. I also liked Peter Strom & Naomi Uyama’s fast routine they did over the year as well as the many iterations of Mikaela & Nicolas’s routine. And I picked this version of William Mauvais & Maeva Truntzer’s routine because the camera is in the perfect position to catch the ending.

Social Improvised Social and Competitive Dancing

CSI2011 Instructors’ Performance – Thomas & Alice

Alice Mei and Thomas Blacharz  deserve props for keeping this informal demo so entertaining for so long. As mentioned before, Jamin Jackson, made a huge impression on people with this performance being one of the first. The Swing Crash instructor jam was a great example of the best that Europe has to offer while that ULHS video shows off some of the best in North America. My favorite moment comes at the end with Alain Wong & Lunou Aamson-Poirot and Giselle Anguizola & Chance Bushman hitting a simpatico moment with the band. The last two are more informal teacher demo’s. Todd Yannacone & Nina Gilkenson are always fun to watch together while she and Annie Trudeau share a pretty loose dance with Mike Faltesek & Max Pitruzzella.


Lindyfest 2011 – Swinging Air Force

The amount of quality team routines out there was pretty impressive especially considering how they came from different parts of the world. There are representatives from Canada, Russia, Argentina, Korea, France and the US. Also note that three of these performances are done with live bands with the NOLA Jitterbugs actually incorporating the band, Tuba Skinny, into their performance. I also like this angle of that performance. I included the Beantown performance because the video just came out this year even if the original performance was from 2010. I think it’s worth it for the vocal introduction by the ladies.


There are so many highlights to pick from DCLX 2011. “Reefer Man” features an energetic duet between Glenn Crytzer and Meschiya Lake. My favorite part comes during Meschiya’s second vocal when the trombonist mistakenly comes in early. Dave Loomis weilds a powerful instrument, but it doesn’t phase Meschiya one bit.

Solo Dancing

Stompology 2011 Charleston with Laura

Laura Glaess is an amazing dancer to watch. Meanwhile, the Diamond Dolls began their impressive string of entertaining choreographies with this performance. Cheryl Crow’s Short Showcase was a pretty inventive mix of her two physical passions. I sat down and watched almost every solo contest that happened this year, just to refresh my memory, and nothing touches the energy level from the one at Lindy Focus which was just off the charts. Live music makes a huge difference.


Solo Blues @ ULHS 2011

Could have easily called this the Evita Arce category. She had an entertaining dance with Mikey Pedroza in the Slow Dance contest along with several other couples. That must have been a rough competition to judge. However, she just mesmerized me in the Solo Blues contest. Just a slow burn throughout that held my attention he whole time. That’s a hard thing to do in an all skate format. It should also be noted that she also made the finals of the Solo Charleston contest at ULHS.

Something Else

ILHC 2011 – Cabaret – The Crazyers

The Crazyers with Mikaela Hellsten, Nicolas Deniau, Maeva Truntzer & William Mauvais threw down the most entertaining cabaret piece this year that won contests on two continents . . . Nina Gilkenson choreographed this all star line up of dancers as part of the NewYear’s Eve Show at Lindy Focus which also featured the debut of the Swinging Air Force luggage routine I listed previously. I’m not sure where Patrick got the zombie description from other than the fact that the event is such a good time that you feel like someone ate your brains. . . . It was hard to pick just one moment from the highly entertaining Lone Star Championships Invitational Jack & Jill.  Carla Heiney & Andrew Thigpen, Mia Goldsmith & Peter Strom, and Jo Hoffberg & Nick Williams all did a great job by throwing caution to the wind. Even though it’ a competition weekend, one of the things I appreciate about this event is the deliberate effort put into bringing people together in unconventional ways;  undermining the way we think about people dancing at different levels.

We just have one more post about 2011 to go, and that will feature my favorite videos from this year and some final thoughts.

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