Random News, Bboy Videos & a note about AIR

I know quite a few people heading down to New Orleans for the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown this weekend.  For those of us who can’t go, Slick Rik posted news on his blog that NOLA.com will be streaming live video of the Saturday night dance and contests on their website.   If we’re lucky, they’ll also have it available for viewing afterwards too.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye out for you.

For those of you wondering when the next installment of “Artistry in Rhythm” is going up, you may have to wait a little longer.   As you may know, I wrote it two years ago, and up until this point I’ve been posting it with minor edits.   A little over half of it has been posted, but now I’ve hit a point that needs to be updated and re-written.   I’m going to try to get it up by Friday, but if not, I’ll work on it during the long weekend while everyone else I know is partying it up at ULHS.

I’ve been trying to work on it tonight, but I got distracted by YouTube.

I stopped by Crafty Bastards this past weekend.  It’s sponsored by the Washington City Paper as a way for local artists and crafts people to showcase and sell their wares.  For some reason, it also features a killer bboy battle.

I was able to track down clips of some of my favorite battles from that weekend.  James Brown is timeless.

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Random Videos: Lindy on The Rocks 2009

I’m actually working on some more related ILHC posts, but my job seems to be getting in the way.  In the mean time I’ll go back to an event that happened about a month ago.  Lindy on the Rocks is held in Denver, Colorado.

I’ve already posted a video of this performance, but they just put up some super high quality HD videos up and this one blew me away as much as it did the first time I saw it.  Amazing what a well placed color adjustment will do for your viewing pleasure.

I also wanted to put this up because it features Nina Gilkenson who came in first place in the Invitational Jack & Jill with Peter Strom.

It’s funny that the International Lindy Hop Championships is quickly becoming one of the premiere events of the Lindy Hop scene, but probably the most influential dancer around doesn’t get to compete in it because she’s too busy running it.  So I decided let her shine here along with one of the ILHC MC’s, Peter.

Also note that the “Single Ladies” routine is dedicated to Nina’s ILHC partner, Tena Morales for her birthday.  Tena looks great for just turning 25.

You can see more Lindy on the Rocks HQ videos including the rest of the Invitational J & J, their Strictly Lindy Hop competition, and a bunch of performances on the event website or under YouTuber <YoungKimStudio.>

Lindy on the Rocks

Random Links & Videos: International Week in Review Edition

With the International Lindy Hop Championships coming up I noticed the amazing array of lindy videos from around the world uploaded onto YouTube just in the past week.

It makes the spread of Lindy Hop in the past two decades that much more impressive.

We start off with some video news pieces:  One about the dance’s popularity in Russia.  <BreitbartTV>

There’s also one from London which is amusing because it focuses on an instructor from Australia teaching an American dance in England.  <YouTube>

We now move onto a sampling of performances, competitions, and social dancing from around the world.

A performance in Stockholm, Sweden

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Random Links & Videos: All The Single Ladies edition

I’m not the only verbose Lindy blogger: A view from down under about what makes a good jam.   <dogpossum>

Camp Hollywood redux: Another review of Camp Hollywood from someone who was there  < The Rantings of a Lindy Hopper>

Out of everything I’ve read I’m surprised no one mentioned the end of the Camp Hollywood 2009 Pro Lindy Finals.  Check out Kim Clever and David Frutos on the right side of the screen starting at 6:32

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Random Links: Camp Hollywood Edition

Video clips from Camp Hollywood have been pretty slow in getting out, but there are a couple good ones out there.

Here’s an awesome routine by Sarah Breck & Andrew Hsi from the Showcase division.

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Random Links: Stored up Odds & Ends

A few random links I’ve been meaning to share.

The first one is a video forwarded to me by Ann Mony who should be debuting a website any day week now.  Maybe.

This is a performance by fellow DC dancer Naomi Uyama and Todd Yannacone.

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