Guest Post: The Evolution of “The Evolution of Lindy Hop” Pt. 7

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ULHS 2006 was another epic event, especially the fast dancing division.  This was the first time that Showdown was really published via youtube, and that particular comp went totally viral and is now one of the first clips that comes up when you search for “lindy hop.”  We really considered quoting Nick Williams and Ria Dibiase and their incredibly innovative aerial inspired by a dance scene in the movie Idlewild, which garnered them first place in the coolest competition of the year.

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ULHS is Dead! Long Live ULHS!

The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown has been the standard bearer and trend setter for the Lindy Hop community ever since it started in 2002.  This weekend’s 8th annual ULHS marks the event’s debut in New Orleans, LA as well as its first major format restructuring since 2003.

This year, ULHS is breaking away from the phrase jam for the finals that it helped to pioneer.   Instead, event promoter Amy Johnson is instituting tournament style, head to head battles for the formerly known “Liberation” division to determine which two couples will dance against each other in the final  . . . wait for it . . . Showdown.

I won’t be down there this weekend, but it sounds like it’ll be the start of an exciting new era for ULHS.  I’m pretty excited to hear and see how it turns out.  Until then, let’s take a look back at ghosts of Liberation divisions past.

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