AIR Pt. 3: Birth of The Groove

This is part of a paper I wrote entitled “Artistry In Rhythm: Dialogue Through Dance in the Lindy Hop community.”  Previous and future posts can be found by searching my blog for the category “Artistry In Rhythm”

The “Love Me Or Leave Me Routine” by Minnie’s’ Moochers was probably the first significant routine of the modern era for a few reasons.  First was the venue: the 1999 American Lindy Hop Championships.  This was a time when there were still very few exclusively Lindy Hop events, and ALHC (only the second year of the event) attracted the attention of the bulk of the dancers in the community whether or not they attended.

This was also the time before the proliferation of online videos, and so ALHC videos (tapes!) were at a premium because new material was very hard to come by in contrast to the wealth of videos that can be found online today. Read the rest of this entry »