Happy Birthday, Frankie!

What else is there to say?  This is from Frankie’s 88th Birthday Celebration in 2002.

My favorite DC memory of him where he took us to school.  In the midst of an improvised Big Apple during a jam, he jumps up out of his chair from the sidelines, stops the presses and shows the kids how its done.

And my favorite “new” video of him with his son Chazz Young.  I don’t get tired of watching this.

Learn more about him at his official website: www.FrankieManning.com

Weekly Video Highlight: The Silver Shadows’ Secret Origins and Korean Variety Show

I hope everyone is having a great holiday.  I’m off to Lindy Focus in Asheville, NC tomorrow with a sizable DC contingent.  You’ll recognize us when we roll in with the giant DC flags tied in between the cars in our convoy 😉  I recently realized that this will be the first event that I haven’t worked or DJ’d in over 4 years, so I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m tentatively planning on updating from the event since I’m just down there for the evening dances.   Until I post something, hopefully these videos will tide you over.

This first video from the Korean Lindy Revolution 2009 by way of YouTube user hiyama80, was reposted recently on the YouTubes, so I thought I’d post it here too.

btw, I fixed the Jam Cellar video link in the “Carla Heiney & The Boilermakers on So You Think You Can Dance” post.

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Nina Gilkenson: Hipstress of Rhythm

I like Nina Gilkenson.

I think that should be a shirt.

You may have heard that she’s a good dancer.  That rumor, like all others, is absolutely true.

You may have even heard that she belly dances.  There is actual video evidence of that.  Here is a clip of Nina and Naomi’s (I like her too) belly dancing debut in the Cabaret division at ALHC 2002.

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Self Promotion & Creative Risk in Lindy Hop

One of my favorite discussions from the now defunct Jive Junction was a  thread where people posted instructor bios, but substituted all pronouns so they all read in the first person.  Hilarity ensued.

It’s an unconscious habit I’ve picked up when reading bios for various events.  I understand the types of audiences these things are usually geared towards, but would you really consider introducing yourself to another person in the real world with the line, “Without a doubt, I am one of the most talented dancers in the world.”

A friend pointed out to me recently that becoming a vernacular jazz dance instructor and performer requires you to do a lot of things that you wouldn’t necessarily consider as part of the job description.  Marketing is one.  Web design is another.   Negotiating.  Fashion design.  Video editing.  Graphic design.  Heck, I could probably make a killing teaching private lessons in basic customer service skills.

As a result, Lindy Hoppers occasionally make some questionable choices to get their names out.  Most of them fall under the heading of mildly amusing like the above example.  There are others, but I’m afraid those are a bit obvious.  Anyway, I’m not here to mock people . . . or at least not today. Read the rest of this entry »