WCS Futureshock

Tatiana Mollman and Jordan Frisbee unveiled their new routine at the USA Grand Nationals over Memorial Day weekend, and now their performance from the Liberty Swing Dance Championships a few weeks ago has been circulating the webs.  I swear, given their popularity, I think they could build a whole dance event just around that and make a killing.  It would be like Lebron’s “Decision” except with more integrity.

Interestingly enough, when I saw this the first time, I thought there was something odd, which I could only put my finger on when I saw it again.

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A New Day for a New Theme, New Videos, and a New Social Media Account

Just needed a change in scenery as you can tell.  Besides the light background is less conspicuous when viewing from work.  Not that I would ever do such a thing.

Also for your Sunday viewing pleasure, a beautiful and inspirational video created by a dancer from Seattle named Cheryl Crow which I found through the magic of Facebook.  She created this for the 2010 Swing/Jazz Dancing Video Contest.  Watch it and share with others.

And because sometimes you can’t let the Man keep you down, I got an account on Dailymotion.com.  I probably won’t post there very often, unless its stuff like this that won’t go down the YouTubes properly.

Boston Tea Party Swings 2010

The modern Lindy Hop community used to spend a lot of time at West Coast Swing crossover events.  The American Swing Dance Championships , The Virginia State Open, North Atlantic Dance Championships, Swingin’ New England, Swing Fling, Summer Hummer, Boogie By The Bay, and of course, The US Open.  ASDC ended in 1998.  NADC in 2004.  Lindy participation in other events has been steadily on the decline to the point where some those events are eliminating Lindy from their schedule altogether; Swingtime In The Rockies being the most recent example.

The lone exception has been The Boston Tea Party whose crossover aspect really took off after NADC folded.  I used to love going to crossover events when I first started, but this weekend was my first Tea Party.

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Decade of Domination

While we’re on the topic of Jordan and Tatiana, can I say that after watching tons of footage of them this week that I can’t be more impressed by a pair of dancers who can be so good yet get even better over time?

I’ll wrap up this week’s side trip through West Coast Swing territory with an overview of probably one of the most dominant couples in any partnered dance genre.

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WCS OCD: Jordan and Tatiana in 2009

I made a few offhanded observations in my US Open post about Tatiana Mollman and Jordan Frisbee’s winning performance in the Classic division this year to Coldplay’s “Viva LaVida.”   They took the unorthodox (for West Coast Swing at least) approach of performing a routine they’ve been doing for most of the year instead of performing a new one.

I thought I’d put those theories to the test by watching every YouTube example of this routine that I could find.  See what I do for you?

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US Open Swing Dance Championships 2009 Reactions

Yet another event I didn’t go to that I can comment thanks to the generosity of the interwebs.

First off, I’m impressed.  Leave it to the westies to get results and videos online the very next morning after the this year’s US Open Swing Dance Championships ended.

We didn’t send any Lindy Hoppers this year, but DC still represented big time with the DC Hand Dancers winning the Strictly Swing Challenge.  That contest caps the entire event,  pitting the winners of all the Strictly divisions (West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Hand Dance, and Shag) up against each other.

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