Lone Star Championships 2010-Jack & Jill videos & official results and scores

Official results and complete scores for all divisions are now available online for the 3rd annual Lone Star Championships which occurred January 15th-17th, 2010 in Austin, TX.

Plus more videos below from this year’s Jack & Jill competitions.

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ULHS 2009 Video Index

This page is just to help me keep track of this years’s Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown goodness.

Note that I’ve updated the ULHS 2009 Round Up with three additional blogs I’ve found about the event this year.

ULHS 2009 Round Up

ULHS 2009 Videos: Battle Footage

ULHS 2009 Videos-Friday Choreography Showcase

ULHS 2009 Videos: Saturday Evening Competitions-Solo Jazz and J & J

ULHS 2009 Videos: Sunday Evening Competitions

ULHS 2009 Videos: The Fun Stuff