Lone Star Championships 2010-All Star Invitational Jack & Jill

Videos from this year’s All star Invitational Jack & Jill at the 3rd annual Lone Star Championships which occurred January 15th-17th, 2010 in Austin, TX.

Thanks to http://www.Lindy Library.com for putting these up.  Glad the site is back in business.  You can download high quality videos directly from their website.

Or you can just stay here and watch them all on one page.

Naomi Uyama & Todd Yannacone

Laura Glaess & Juan Villafane

Nina Gilkenson & Peter Strom

Sarah Breck & Dax Hock

Karen Turman & Nick Williams

Alice Mei & Andrew Thigpen

Carla Heiney & Mike Roberts

Laura Keat & Jeremy Otth

Mikey Pedroza & Evita Arce

Joanna Lucero & Chance Bushman &

Nathan Bugh & Sharon Davis

All Skate


1st: Todd Yannacone & Naomi Uyama

2nd: Juan Villafane & Laura Glaess

3rd: Peter Strom & Nina Gilkenson

Videos courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/user/LindyLibrary

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