ILHC 2010 Round Up

Yeah, I’m busy again.  I have a bunch of ideas for posts, but not a lot of time.  Luckily the Lindy blogosphere has plenty of reactions.  Online reaction on Facebook to the event itself has been crazy good.  Thanks to everyone once again for attending, competing and working the best damn event around.

First and foremost, results are now available on the ILHC website complete with score sheets in formats. 


Although Patrick Szmidt has been putting up videos and scoresheets up on his website even as the event was still going on.  When I spoke to him on Monday afternoon after it ended, he estimated that all the videos online at that point had garnered about 20,000 views already.

Lindy Library and Floridave also have videos up on YouTube.  LindyLibrary has also conveniently added complete videos of all the Lindy Hop Jack & Jills so you can see each of those divisions in one shot.  Floridave has compiled all of his videos onto one page for easy reference and viewing on his blog.


Check out the great shots by these super talented photographers.

Ryan Swift

David Holmes

Eric Bertrand

Toni Busch

Alexander Heturivard

Andrew Fritz


from attendees, competitors, and onlookers from around the world.

Andrew Selzer of “Taint What You Do” had an update during and after the event (and again) not to mention a post on Yes, because that needs it’s own update.

Alice Mei

Bobby White did some live updates through the weekend. First, Second, Third.  He’s already planning for next year.

Howard and Gayl comment from Arizona.

Jo Hoffberg lists her favorite moments.

Lindsay Lou

Marika’s Motorcycle Diaries

Mike Roberts & Laura Glaess

The Lindy Project from Austin

Mikey Pedroza

Nelle Cherry has not one but two posts on

Rik Panganiban posts on The Click Heard Around The World.

The previously mentioned Swing Columbus team reaction.

Swing Patrol out of  The United Kingdom.

And they still post on the boards.  The usualy suspects chime in on Yehoodi while MinnesotaLindy discusses ILHC in relation to what makes the a great event.

Finally a few swift and strong reactions to Karen Turman & Andrew Thigpen awesomely life-changing “Evolution of Lindy Hop” Showcase routine.

The Lindy Dandy Michael Quisao was bowled after seeing it posted online hours after Karen & Andrew step off the dance floor.

Ryan Swift

Reuben Brown put together a YouTube playlist to check out all the moments referenced.

Ben Yau wrote up an extensive piece about it for his website.

Thanks again to everyone.  I hope to have some more of my own observations up in the next week or so.

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