ILHC 2009 Odds & Ends

I’ve said it before (maybe not here, but elsewhere I’m sure), but I love competition events.  There aren’t many events where dancers can just bring their stuff in front of their peers, and I’m glad that ILHC can be one of those places.

I spend a lot of my time busting my ass at events these days more than I do enjoying them, but there are little moments here and there that make all the work worth it.  I just wanted to add a couple of quick hits that I missed in my other ILHC posts

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ILHC 2009-Wrappin’ It Up

Sorry about the delay.  After I posted on Sunday, I didn’t have a whole lot of time plus the cold I was trying to fight off finally got to me.

The rest of the event itself went incredibly well.  Saturday night comps ended with Cabaret which was a great show with lots of different kinds of acts.

I was able to catch my breath once the comps were done, and even got to spend some quality time with Carla Heiney.  She was one of my first teachers when she lived in DC many moons ago, so it was great to spend quite a long time catching up with her.

For me, ILHC has a bit of a family reunion vibe to it.  DC has been home to so many great dancers over the years, that it takes a big event to get them back together.  I think that shared “heritage” helps to take the edge off the competition part of the event.

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ILHC 2009-Swing It On Out There

Saturday night was so good that I didn’t get to bed until 7:30 am.

When you plan an event, there’s only so much you can hope for.  Especially when you’re dealing with a creative community like the Lindy Hop one.  Most times you just hope that people don’t take the opportunity to embarrass themselves. That didn’t happen last night.  Too much.  I haven’t seen a show that consistently good in a very long time. Read the rest of this entry »

ILHC 2009: The Stuff is Here

The Friday night and Saturday day activities at ILHC are in the books.  Great music from the band and the DJ’s and awesome dancing from the competitors.

We had workshops through the day before the evening events started.  I was able to sit in on Sylvia Sykes’  “What Judges Look For” workshop which drew a pretty big crowd in the main ballroom.

I didn’t really take notes, so I don’t want to put any words into Sylvia’s mouth.  But I think that if anyone there was looking for the secret to doing well in competitions, they would have been sorely disappointed. However, it was a very pragmatic and insightful look into the other side of competitions.

The ballroom opened unceremoniously right at 8:00 pm, but filled up much faster than it did the night before.  Of course, the Open Strictly Lindy Hop preliminary round started at 8:30 pm, and that had a huge number of couples. Read the rest of this entry »

ILHC 2009: Frida and Skye, Classic Division

One of the first videos to come out of ILHC this weekend.  Frida Segerdahl and Skye Humphries performed in the ILHC Classic Division on Friday night a little before midnight.

This video hit YouTube about four hours later.

ILHC 2009: Eye of the Storm

Setting up for ILHC yesterday went pretty well, and ended ahead of schedule.

I really like the fact that we started on Thursday instead of Friday like we did last year.  Last year we dove head long into the weekend; setting everything up, having people practice their routines on a dance floor that wasn’t completed, and then going straight into the dance and competitions.

This year felt much more casual.  A lot of that had to do with the dedicated volunteers we have plus the super professional contractors. Read the rest of this entry »