Random Links & Videos: History Lesson Edition

Four weeks after ULHS and still no word on official results.  Even ALHC put up their results a week after it ended.

I still have unofficial results in my “ULHS 2009 Round Up” post, and at least lots of people are talking about ULHS online. I also just added another blog to that post from another attendee.  <Me>

Just in case ALHC was feeling neglected, someone who attended that event finally posted a review to prove that someone went.  The omnipresent and always opinionated Allen Hall chimes in with the latest installment of his  <News and Views>

That post also includes his latest sojourn to DC with his wife Rudy last week.  They hit up The Boilermakers at Glen Echo hosted by Flying Feet and stopped by The Jam Cellar.

Allen and Rudy have been traveling around the country attending big events and weekly dance venues since forever and a day ago.  For those of you not already familiar with them, check out this nice write up of their story.  <Allen & Rudy 4 Eva>

Many moons ago they passed through DC and reviewed a dance I dj’d over at CCB. <Ego Stroke>

Forwarded to me by Ann Mony, Jojo Jackson has a ton of historical videos online linked from her website.  <Jojo Jackson>

A little more recent, but just as relevant.  A blogger recounts the 90’s neo swing revival in the media.  <Children of the 90’s>

Lindy Hoppers maybe shocked to discover that Hellzapoppin’ was not just a couple of dance sequences, and in fact a whole movie.  Check out this review from a modern perspective.  <Alex Udvary>

Still on the Hellzapoppin’ tip, another blogger recounts to story of the star of the other Lindy Hop scene in that movie.  No not Dean Collins, but Martha Raye.  <Armchair Actorvist>

But you want to know about Dean Collins anyway?  Peter Loggins gives the 411 and then some on one of his new blogs.  <The Jassdancer>

One of his new blogs?  Yep, he has two that I know of.  Follow this link to find out the deal behind the term “Bal-swing.” <Balboa Dancer>

He still runs http://www.DanceHistory.org.  The nice thing about that site is that other people can contribute what they find.  Someone just posted a transcription of hand written notes by the director of “The Spirit Moves,” Mura Dehn, found in the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.  <Dance History>

The Philadelphia Folklore Project has put up an amazing online exhibit of tap dancers from the Swing Era.  <Philadelphia Folklore Project>

You too can use history without paying for it.  Check out public domain swing images and videos available through <Getty Images>

And just to remind you that there are other video sites out there that aren’t called YouTube, here’s a very friendly history lesson from our our English speaking Quebecois friends.

Finally, vintage footage of David Bowie going old school.

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  1. November 11, 2009 at 1:42 am

    Great Blog, thank you for the heads up!

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