“Morning Blues” with Julie Brown, a new “A Word on Swing,” and learning how to do them

This is the final version of a quick project that wasn’t.

I’ve mentioned before, that I got a fancy new camera last Spring; partly to take pictures, and partly to do video projects like “A Word on Swing.” I’ll probably end up doing more vlog/talk show/documentary type stuff, but I have been itching to do something more creative. Learning my way around a DSLR camera has been a bit of a process. Plus the more I learn about what goes into making really good videos with decent production values is pretty intimidating. Rather than let that keep me from doing anything, I just decided to eff’ it, and do something just to do something; hoping it’ll turn out well, but mostly to use it as a learning experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Lone Star Championships 2010

Looks like all the news was coming out of Austin this weekend with the third Annual Lone Star Championships.   Run by Tena Morales and Scott Angelius, this event is meant to be a more relaxed competition weekend with an emphasis on social dance contests such as Jack & Jill’s and Strictly comps.

I didn’t go, but that won’t stop me from saying a few words and gratuitously mention that <plug> I work for Tena on the International Lindy Hop Championships happening this year August 19th-22nd, 2010.  Registration opening soon!</end plug>

Smaller scale competition events like Lone Star Championships are useful places for newer competitors to get a taste of what it’s like to be in the spotlight.  There’s also the added benefit of doing it with the support of all your friends cheering you on.

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Favorite Performances of 2009: Other Dances in the American Vernacular Jazz Dance Tradition

Next to last installment of my favorite videos from this past year.  Check out the other posts for Lindy Hop couple routines, Lindy teams, and social dance clips.

Adam Boehmer at Midwest Lindyfest

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The Lindy Loggers

We’re at a pretty quiet time in the Lindy Hop world as there are no major or minor events happening until Lindy Focus and Snowball right after Christmas.  This is probably a good time to get caught up on your online Lindy reading.

The Lindy blogosphere is surprisingly larger than you think.  When I started this post I thought I was just going to describe a handful of sites, but once I was done compiling URL’s I came up with over 50.

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Random Videos: Friday Blues

A few videos are popping up from The Emerald City Blues Festival last weekend.  Here are a couple nice ones.

First up is a pretty gutsy Josephine Baker inspired performance followed by a routine by Seattle’s own Sister Kate.

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ULHS 2009 Round Up

Still no official results posted on the ULHS website, but Breanna Perry was kind enough to post what she could remember in the comments of my previous post.

The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Choreography Showcase

Winners:  Groove Juice Special

Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown: A Lindy Hop Battle

Winners: Chance Bushman (New Orleans, LA) and Joanna Lucero (Austin, TX)

Jack n Jill: A Social Dance Contest

First Place: Vincenzo Fesi  (Italy) & Alice Mei (France)

Second Place: Sara Deckard (Denver, CO) & Dax Hock (Everywhere-ish)

Third Place:  Ria DiBiase & Tommy Blacharz Todd Yannacone & Annie Trudeau (correction via Ann Mony)

Solo Jazz

Winner: Ramona Staffeld (New York, NY)

Solo Blues

Winner: Dax Hock

Slow Swing and Blues

First Place: Peter Strom (Minneapolis, MN) and Ramona Staffeld (New York, NY)

Second Place: Todd Yannacone (New Orleans, LA) and Alice Mei (France)

Third Place: Chance Bushman (New Orleans, LA) and Giselle Anguizola (San Diego, CA)

Note: I haven’t heard anything about the Dancers Choice Awards, and the Endurance Contest was cancelled.

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